The 2015 Yeti SB6C Ridden & Reviewed

Words: Ryan Stensen/Go-Ride Team Rider

Photos:  Jarrod Reagan

Location: Moab, UT

Yeti SB6C, Large, XO1 build

The stock build from Yeti is perfect.  The bike is not cheap however it is hard to imagine that anyone would need to add or modify anything.  Top shelf suspension, cockpit, drivetrain and a wheelset are all any elite level rider would need.  That said I have modified the stock build to include a Race Face Next SL crankset and Shimano XTR drivetrain.  My two previous bikes, Yeti SB66 and Yeti SB95 had me hoping this bike would combine the best of both and eliminate the negatives of each The bike is long, low and slack as promised however the steeper seat tube is a nice change.

Stensen 1

Moving out on the Hymasa trail to Captain Ahab, having only set shock pressure and tire pressure to what I traditionally run on my other Yetis, I was very comfortable.  The rear suspension is amazing, it feels super supple when you want it while having excellent slow speed support.  I really like the way the SB bikes have behaved when standing and pedaling and the SB6C is the best of them all.  Even in the tight uphill moves on the upper Ahab climb the SB6C hadn’t spun a wheel, just glued to the trail yet no slow speed squat.  My favorite days out on the bike are the big all day rides and I think the Yeti SB6C will just slay on those occasions.

Stensen 2

Descending Captain Ahab I was keen on two distinct things that I was not quite expecting.  First off the bike is just so smooth and composed in all terrain.  It is really hard to upset the rear end of the bike.  The SB6C never hung up on the back angled rocks, just kept moving forward – I doubt I will ever find the limit of this bike. The Fox 36 is great as always and the rear suspension just performed better than the predecessors in its ability to pump and pop finding backsides for days. The second thing that stuck out for me was how I could move the bike around, tightening up lines and squaring up sections was spot on.  I am not saying it is playful rather that you can just flick and toss this thing better than the geometry suggests. The SB6C has just killer range and it is better than my previous Yetis, combining their strengths and ditching the weaknesses.

Stensen 3Stensen 4


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