Devinci’s Carbon Troy

When Devinci released their Troy in Carbon for 2014, it quickly escalated to the top of our list of enduro race bikes. Yeah, yeah, there’s that word again: enduro. We know. Sorry. We know enduro bikes are just mountain bikes, but race bikes have to be light, and when it comes to the majority of enduro-formatted races out there, the bike has to climb well, but descend even better. Enter the Troy. 13 We recently got a hold of some 2014 Troy Carbon RC’s, along with a couple of Troy Carbon framesets, and we have both priced to sell. Complete 2014 Troy Carbon RC MSRP: $4799 Our Price: $3799 54 2014 Tory Carbon Frameset MSRP: $2399 Our Price: $1899 2014---FRAME-TROY If you’re not familiar with the Troy, come on in and see us, or give us a call at the shop. You can also click through some of the links below to see what others have thought of the bike after riding it in the dirt. 2014 Vital Test Sessions reviewed by Jess Pederson and John Hauer Richard Cunningham’s review for PinkBike Bike Magazine’s 2014 Bible of Bike Tests, as written by Brice Minnigh


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