The World Famous Go-Ride Overhaul

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You’re either skiing the leftovers from the last dump, or you’re dreaming of your next bike. Meanwhile, your current bike is cold and naked in the dark, perhaps still muddy from your last ride.

Spring will come swiftly to the Wasatch, and we here at the shop will see droves of bikes come through our front door on that first 70-degree day.

Many of these bikes were ridden wet and put away hard, so they need more than a quick brake bleed to get them trail worthy.

Our solution: bring your bike in now, and we’ll get it shined up for that first brilliant spring day in the Wasatch.

To sweeten the deal, we are offering our World Famous Overhaul for just $300 through January and February. We normally charge between $400 and $500 for our overhaul, and it’s worth every penny.


Strip It To The Frame
Many riders don’t think about the frame’s pivot bearings. Most bikes we put in our stands have at least a few rough rolling or fully seized bearings. In our overhaul, we’ll clean out the rough rolling bearings and replace those that are fully seized. Your suspension can’t do it’s job if the linkage can’t move smoothly.

Speaking Of Suspension
Our overhaul includes suspension, both front and rear. That’s why it’s so famous.

We’ll rebuild the hubs also.

Yup, that too. Fully cleaned, with all new cable and housing.

A full flush of the hydraulics. Don’t have hydraulics? Perhaps we can interest you in some new brakes.

And Everything Else?
Uh-huh. The lot.

-Sincerely, Go-Ride Tech Staff

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