Don’t Call It A Comeback. No Seriously, Don’t.

It wasn’t that long ago that Von gave up on racing – and biking altogether for that matter.

What was once his love and passion had turned into a pile of greasy pepperoni boxes and Mountain Dew bottles.

2013 didn’t see much of Von. Unless you were a big, comfy black over sized office chair that could fill a small room, his ass was nowhere to be seen.

Until recently.

Von’s back.

Sort of.

But it seems as though an integral part of his success didn’t make the trip back with him, stuck to a pepperoni box somewhere in the back of Ron’s truck – the infamous 0 number plate.

Now I don’t want to count back the number of months it’s been since Von has walked away victorious, but it could have been all the way back to early 2012:


But it wasn’t even a sanctioned race, nor were there number plates involved… or sportsmanship for that matter.

It might as well have been the Trent Reznor-Charles Manson looking Von racing.


When asked about it, about being jinxed, he expressed his doubt in no uncertain fashion.


Needless to say, this happened on Sunday:


And the results were disastrous.

Obviously, 366 is not 0. I mean, how many 0’s does it take to make 366?

What the hell were they thinking, right Von?

Well, the good news is Von’s been off the sauce (Mt. Dew) for most of the year and he can finally fit into that pair of skinny jeans he spent a fortune on to look cool up on campus. Whether the racing gods will take mercy on him in the future has yet to be seen. We can only pray the 0 number plate will see the light of day once again.

God speed Von Williams. God speed.

Vons plate 6


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