Go-Ride Partners With Pivot and MTBRACENEWS.com

Pivot outdoor demo slcGo-Ride has long and successful history as a gravity oriented shop. But as our sport and both our customers and employees branch out into other disciplines we have reached out and embraced that diversity.
About a year ago Shannon Boffeli of MTBRACENEWS and Pivot Cycles approached us to lend our support to their endurance-racing program. In keeping with our racing heritage we felt it would be a great partnership and add to our evolution within our growing sport.
XC oriented endurance events have been on a steady rise for a number of years here in the US and the Intermountain West. That, coupled with the skyrocketing popularity of Enduro racing and the long running XC and DH events, has given mtb racers in our region a great variety of events to choose from.
So as much as we would like to be known as ‘a downhill shop,’ we also like to put in long miles and elevation in between jumping on a lift and letting gravity do all the work for us.


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